Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some updates!

Hey,i didn't post anything for a while now, i kinda forgot about the blog,but im back now!
I have a few updates related to other posts i made:
Broken PS3 - I have discovered that there was a problem in the tray that holds the bluray laser part,i have ordered the part from eBay for about ~30$, unfortunatly when i recieved the part i have discovered it wasn't the right part since there are a few versions of PS3's on the market,so i need to return the part to the seller to get my money back which means i need to go to the post office, and i'm too lazy to do it,hopefully i will send it back soon so i can get the righ part and repair it.
DIY Headphones stand - I forgot about this project too,i got sick of this stand and i might make another one soon,if any of you have any ideas or inspirations please leave them in the comments.

I have recently started playing Battlefield 3, i purchased it abit late but i'm really enjoying it after the patch that fixed a few major issues, there are still some bugs but overall the game is great,and i'm really enjoying it!
Leave your battlelogs in the comments if you want to play.


  1. I'm thinking of returning to play bf3. I kicked ass. Ill let you know maybe we'll play together:)

  2. Battlefield3 took over such a large part of my life when first released :U
    Took a hiatus an couldnt get back in the groove
    have fun guys.

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