Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Bit of PS4

Hello everyone!
I'm back to posting again, and i've been looking to buy a next gen console lately.
Alot of my friends have PS4's and they seem happy about it and it's always nice when you have some friends that you can play with.
I did some research and the PS4 looks like the much better option so i decided to go to the store tomorrow and pick up a PS4 GTA V Bundle.
I also ordered Destiny which looks like a great game, The trailer was looking good,
and i also found a great deal on it.

So what games you suggest i should get?
Also a friend of mine just launched a cool website, you should check out Stoner Stories it's a really funny story sharing website!

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Bit of Work

Hello everyone!
I haven't posted for a while now, i've been working alot lately, maybe even too much.
I'm working as a waiter, it's quite hard as you are always under pressure and always have something to do unlike other jobs.
But waiting is very rewarding because you usually get tipped for your services, unfortunately not everyone will tip the waiter which is really discouraging, because as a waiter you work extra hard and try to give the best to your customer mostly for your tip, the tip really encourages to you go the extra mile for the customer, and even fulfill their weird requests, for example someone asked me to take a picture with him for some reason, he was pretty drunk though..

I have also learned to be more patient towards people, and handle better in stressful situations, because you usually work in pairs and communication is very important, and i often gave someones request to the wrong person, which was really awkward for me and for the customer.
So far i'm really enjoying the job because the employees are all young and get along with each other, and i really like having tips for going out on weekends and such, and then get the salary at the end of the month. and i also like the hours, because i'm really not a morning person, and i usually work at night.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Bit of Gaming

Hello everyone!
As you all know i love gaming, and i have a PS3 that i started using again, after a while that i didn't have much time for gaming, i bought 2 new games: Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
They're a bit old, but i was looking for an RPG game that would take me a while to play through, I already played the PC version of TES: Skyrim and i've had about 150-200 hours in it, which i really liked and i wanted another RPG game, in a addition i found a good deal on Zavvi, and i got both for about 30$ .

I've started playing Fallout 3 and so far i'm really enjoying it, i like how the dialogues have many options as opposed to other RPG games i played in which the dialogues are very dull and boring and i usually just skip them. I'm still not sure about my style of play because i really can't decide between playing the good guy or the bad guy, and i usually start of by being the bad guy and killing everyone, and then judging by the outcome decide if i should redo it without killing everyone and I also really like the wide range of weapons and items, and how different weapons are in this game.
I might review these games after i finish them, but i don't think that will be anytime soon.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting fit

Hello everyone!
Recently i had quite a lot of free time, and i decided to spend it on getting fit, I started doing some street workouts and running.
My current routine is pullups, pullups variations, muscle ups, then i do dips and some leg raises, after that i run about ~4 kilometers. At first i really struggled because i didn't have motivation for training, and every time i had to convince myself to go, even though i had excuses every time: I'm tired, I have work, I should go out with friends instead etc, but i made it so training would be routine for me, and even though i might missed a few days of training, i feel like i overcame the laziness.

I have also got addicted to running, it started from short runs on the beach before or after my workout, and now i find myself running even on rest days, I find running very relaxing, and I usually go running really late when I can't fall asleep or just in a bad mood, running always make me feel better. and i really noticed the progress as when i started i could barely run 2k without running out of breath in the middle, and now i can run 4k without breaking a sweat, and I might actually increase the distance gradually.
The Nike+ Running app really helped me with running motivation, because you 'compete' with your friends, and it logs all your runs and you can see your progress at your speed and running distance.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to updating

Hello everyone,
I haven't updated the blog for over a year now, sorry about that, i kinda forgot about it..
Recently i stumbled upon some blogs, and it reminded me about this blog, i browsed it for a while and i got a bit nostalgic, after all most of the posts are from 2011-2012, and it's already 2013..

Anyways i purchased a domain for the blog and i will be updating the blog regularly again! so expect a big post with some updates soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some updates!

Hey,i didn't post anything for a while now, i kinda forgot about the blog,but im back now!
I have a few updates related to other posts i made:
Broken PS3 - I have discovered that there was a problem in the tray that holds the bluray laser part,i have ordered the part from eBay for about ~30$, unfortunatly when i recieved the part i have discovered it wasn't the right part since there are a few versions of PS3's on the market,so i need to return the part to the seller to get my money back which means i need to go to the post office, and i'm too lazy to do it,hopefully i will send it back soon so i can get the righ part and repair it.
DIY Headphones stand - I forgot about this project too,i got sick of this stand and i might make another one soon,if any of you have any ideas or inspirations please leave them in the comments.

I have recently started playing Battlefield 3, i purchased it abit late but i'm really enjoying it after the patch that fixed a few major issues, there are still some bugs but overall the game is great,and i'm really enjoying it!
Leave your battlelogs in the comments if you want to play.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everything breaks eventualy..

Lately i started playing more with my PS3,i recently got Killzone 3 for it,and i've been quite enjoying this game,i was also playing Uncharted 1 and 2,i was 'preparing' for the release of the 3rd Uncharted..
So a few days ago i wanted to play some Killzone 3,so i inserted the disk into my PS3,and suddenly it wont recognize my disk,i tried to eject it but i wont even eject,it was making wierd noises.. i even tried  putting my ps3 upside down,nothing helped though.
A few days later,i tried to eject the disk and it worked! i tried to insert another disk,to see if it would recognize it,and the disk was not recognized,but i could eject it..
I'm pretty sure its only the Blu Ray drive that causes the problem,and it would probably cost about ~100$ to fix it,so i thought i would get a Bluray drive off ebay and fix it myself,i mean.. how hard can it be?